101 Things in 1001 Days

101 things that I would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days:

Start Date: 19 March 2018

End Date: 14 December 2020


1. Open a retirement account

2. Volunteer

3. Find a church to attend

4. Try cryogenics therapy

5. Do a 5K

6. Walk 10,000 steps in a day for a week

7. Do hot yoga

8. Start a blog (March 2018)

9. Drink a gallon of water per day for a month

10. Move

11. Reorganize my room/declutter

12. Visit Harry Potter world

13. Go to a country concert

14. Do the polar bear plunge

15. Take some photography classes

16. Meal prep for a month

17. Unplug for 24 hours (no phone, laptop or tv)

18. Give every family member a gift for every holiday/event

19. Read every Jane Austin novel

20. Wear something that I haven’t worn for a year (for a week)

21. Eat vegetarian for a month

22. Finish everything on my to do list for a month

23. Keep on budget for a month

24. Have no debt

25. Plan a family vacation

26. Save for a new laptop

27. Learn how to snowboard

28. Open a new savings account

29. Cut out coffee for a week

30. Buy and wear a hat

31. See a Broadway play

32. Finish the investment books

33. Try acupuncture

34. Read 5 autobiographies

35. Go to a shooting range (4/7/2018)

36. Go to a chiropractor

37. Plant an herb garden

38. Go to an Aztec’s game

39. Try Restaurant Week

40. Join Book of the Month Club (3/21/2018)

41. Go swimming with sharks in La Jolla

42. Set up the coffee bar

43. Buy an espresso machine

44. Learn to do a handstand

45. Learn calligraphy

46. Watch 10 documentaries (I am Jane Doe)

47. Make sushi at home

48. Feed the giraffes at the zoo

49. Go to a murder mystery dinner

50. Go a month without eating out

51. Do wine and paint night (3/23/2018)

52. Find out about my family history

53. Donate blood

54. Travel 1st class

55. Do floating lanterns (4/7/2018)

56. Save $20 for every goal I accomplish

57. Watch all Harry Potter movies

58. Get my Russian passport

59. Continue with the book a month challenge

60. Switch emails to Gmail account

61. Do a spin class

62. Do a bonfire (4/13/2018)

63. Go to a drive-in movie

64. Go wine tasting (9/3/2018)

65. Sew an apron

66. Read a Leo Tolstoy book in Russian

67. Say yes to every invite for a month

68. Try 10 new coffee shops (Frost Me Cafe and Bakery 10/14/2018

69. Host a game night

70. Go cosmic bowling

71. Host a Friendsgiving

72. Go star gazing with the telescope

73. Do a month photo challenge

74. Finish decorating the living room

75. Call/FaceTime family every week

San Diego:

76. Go paddle boarding

77. Hike Devil’s Punch Bowl

78. Hike Potato Chip Rock

79. Try 20 new to me restaurants (Searsucker 9/2/2018, King and Queen Cantina 9/18/2018, Cloak and Petal 9/21/2018, Queenstown Public House 10/14/2018)

80. Find 20 new murals

81. Go to the Julian apple fest

82. Go camping

83. Go to three museums in Balboa Park (San Diego Museum of Art 5/20/2018)

84. Go to a Hornblower brunch (7/22/2018)

85. Visit 3 farmer’s markets

86. Go to the Dell Mar horse races (opening day)

87. Visit a new beach

88. Go to Belmont Park

89. See a play at The Old Globe

90. Eat at Mister A’s downtown

91. Go to the Cinco De Mayo festival in Old Town


92. Visit Mexico

93. Visit NYC

94. Go to L.A. for the weekend

95. Visit San Francisco

96. Do a girl’s trip in Vegas

97. See the Ice Cream Museum

98. Go to a spa in Palm Springs

99. Go on girl’s trip to Las Vegas

100. See the Ice Cream Museum

101. Go to a spa in Palm Springs